Take down of the Camino Lumbermill

Camino Lumbermill

Old Camino Lumbermill before reclamation

‘Sierra Pacific Industries’ buildings located on the south side of Carson road in Camino are being de-constructed and all materials salvaged. The project is completed and reclaimed lumber is available.

The Camino lumber mill was built in 1901 by the El Dorado lumber company. The mill was later owned by Michigan Cal and it’s current owner is SPI. A rough cut mill was located across the American River Canyon at Pino Grande and a narrow gauge railroad connected the 2 mills by way of  a cable across the canyon. The lumber mill played a big role in the development of the town of Camino. A big portion of the mill was taken down in 1998 and the mill officially closed down in 2009.

The wood structure is mostly old growth Douglas Fir with pine siding. All materials will be for sale, please contact Millwood at (530) 644-5715