Reclaimed Lumber

New in 2014

Big quantities of old growth reclaimed wood from the take down of the Camino Lumbermill – available now.
Sizes from 1×6 to 12×12, including odd sizes (such as 9×13) and full dimension lumber.
Call for quotes : (530) 644-5715

Camino lumber mill

Camino lumber mill

Millwood’s lumberyard offers a unique blend of beams and boards sorted by size and species.
The wood can be sold ‘as is’ / straight from reclamation, or it can be cleaned and milled per your specifications. If what you’re looking for is not already in our lumberyard, we have nationwide contacts and can fill any order. Our high quality aged wood is a specialty product with limited availability and thus the price usually runs higher than store-bought wood.
Our inventory depends on the reclamation projects that come our way.

Lumber Yard

In the past, wood used to be cut ‘full dimension’ meaning that a 2×4 was really 2″ by 4″. Nowadays wood gets sold by the ‘saw-size’, which is the size after the wood is planed.
Much of the wood in Millwood’s lumberyard is still full dimension.
This high-quality aged wood  often is old growth wood. It is dried and has minimal shrinking, and is unsurpassed for beauty, character and fine quality.

Barnwood –
Various sizes of barnwood available.:

Logs & Timbers –
We typically have logs and reclaimed timbers (depending upon inventory in the yard) ready to cut to size. Millwood also can mill wood planks to specifications from  your supplied logs and reclaimed lumber in either resawn or planed finish.


Lumber Grades & Patterns -

Different ‘grades’ in the wood refer to the quality, ‘A’ grade is all straight and clean wood with few knots and or checks. ‘B’ grade is where time has left a more permanent mark and the look is more rustic, with more character marks checks and scars, ‘C’ grade is super rustic, this material may have uneven surfaces, maybe some rot and cracks.

The wood pattern is determined by how the log was cut in the mill. There are different grains, such as vertical grain, flat grain and mixed grain.

Salvaged Hardware –

In addition to dimensional custom-milled lumber and reclaimed bar wood sales, Millwood has a changing collection of reclaimed fine hardware, hinges, decorative architectural elements and other metal work for sale. See custom-made items on our Architectural Accents page.

Wood samples & pricing – 

Millwood offers a variety of samples, some of which are available in the showroom. Other samples can be cut and mailed to you for your review.

The price is calculated by the board-foot. One board-foot is a 12″x12″ piece of wood, 1″ thick. We calculate how many board-feet are in a specific size of lumber and thus calculate the amount of wood per lineal foot. Then we multiply by the length to get to the price. Boardfoot prices vary between $ 0.95 and $ 12.50 depending on species and size of the lumber.

See the photo gallery below. Call us for more information at 520-644-5715, come by the lumberyard at the map to the right, or fill out our Contact Form to get a quote!