About Us


Mike  Nelson and Saskia de Vries
met in 2000 and created Millwood in 2002 .. in the carport of their home .. at first .. and soon moved the business to its current location on Paul Bunyan road in
Placerville, CA.

Mike was born in Medford Oregon and managed a lumberyard early on in his career. He started to gain wood reclamation experience in 1987 and became an building removal expert soon after.  A big portion of his career centered around taking down old lumbermills, hence the name MILLWOOD.  Reclamation of the Camino
Lumbermill brought Mike to El Dorado County where he soon partnered with Saskia de Vries and created Millwood Furnishings and Reclamation in 2002.

Mike is a fully licensed and bonded California C-21 Contractor and welcomes any building that has reached retirement age and needs to come down.
The official contractors license reads : Millwood Furnishings, Reclamation and Building Moving.
California contractors license # 990415

Saskia was born in the Netherlands and moved to California in 1982. She spent a big portion of her career in the healthcare field, but was ready to spread her creative wings when Mike came along.

Both Mike and Saskia were trained by master furniture builders and offer a diverse spectrum of styles.
Mike’s more ‘freehand’ and Saskia’s more ‘traditional’ signatures offer a great spectrum of options.